How A Resin Gnome Was Made?

Jul 2020

Many people, including me, before I got into resin gifts&crafts business, I have no idea how they were made? And how many processes they were getting through?

Today, I will show you, how a resin gnome was made, after reviewing this, you will have a better understanding for resin gifts and crafts.

1, Design period

Designer are using their hand, made their idea into a scrip on papers. But this is not a easy work. Designer should good taste of the products,they will rely on last year's sales datas and markets raport, to judge and estimate what they gonna do in the next coming year.

Gnome decoration

2, Sculpture

According designer's script, sculpturor use tools to manage the prototype model. Sculpturor shoud have good foundation of scultpturing, and sensitivity of products.

Resin gnome

3, Molding

The simplest method is gravity casting where the resin is poured into the mold and pulled down into all the parts by gravity. When the two part resin is mixed air bubbles tend to be introduced into the liquid which can be removed in a vacuum chamber. The casting can also be done in a vacuum chamber (when using open molds) to either extract these bubbles, or in a pressure pot, to reduce their size to the point where they aren't visible. Pressure and/or centrifugal force can be used to help push the liquid resin into all details of the mold. The mold can also be vibrated to expel bubbles.

4, Painting

After all the molds sculptured and cleaned, workers can start painting, there are two methods of coloring: hand painting or spray painting. Different design requires different painting method, based on items' specifications, designer will illustrate why use hand paiting or spray painting.

Resin garden gnome

In above introduction, maybe you could have a better understanding of the processes of a resin crafts being made. Actually, there still have many details that cannot include because the space is too limited. A beautiful resin crafts pass through many workers hands, together they finished this masterpiece, then sold to consumers, shinny as a brilliant decoration piece in their homes. For wokers, as long as products is welcomed, their hard-working is worthy.

In the end, contact us to get the latest resin garden gnome collections, each of them was come from our lovely colleagues dilligent working, they will be our main products in next season, this series of gnomes is suitable for garden decoration, indoor decoration is also fine.

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